Counselling Psychologist & Mindfulness Transformation Teacher

Akash Dhawan

Counselling Psychologist & Mindfulness Transformation Teacher

The founder Akash Dhawan is a counselling psychologist and Mindfulness transformation teacher as a counsellor, his expertise are into dealing with issues like stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, marriage issues, work life balance issues, overcoming negative emotions etc. He has worked with so many people who were struggling with difficult conditions which they have learned to overcome with the help of proven therapies.

As a Mindfulness transformation teacher. His teachings are best defined as a rational approach to human spirituality. Combining meditation with cognitive behaviour therapy , his sessions are a guide to understand the mind, for the purpose of living a more balanced and fulfilling life.
There are many who have benefited from this transformational course to achieve their optimum mental health and living their lives with greater ease, tranquillity and joy.

His own spiritual journey began 12 years ago. Suffering from hyperhidrosis syndrome as teenager he explored many different paths of altering conciousness. After found personal relief he began to teach Mindfulness. Today he conducts Mindfulness workshops and also run a course of Mindfulness for all seekers. He has done various courses on meditation and related psychology.

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